How Digital will impact brands post COVID-19

When COVID-19 hit the world, it felt like the end was here. The first few weeks  were chaos where things that were ‘normal’ for us weren’t normal anymore. With grocery shelves going empty (toilet paper anyone?) to stock market prices falling drastically to a sharp decline in the positive outlook of the entire country all had gone for a toss. During this, social distancing was termed as the new ‘normal’.

Amidst the deadly pandemic, some marketers had a swift sail whereas, some of them couldn’t get through. During COVID-19, the brand consciousness simmered down for certain people whereas, the cost-consciousness upscaled drastically. Especially in the FMCG sector, the audience didn’t get their preferences thus having to opt for choices out of their comfort zone.

Brands across various sectors are observing changing consumer patterns each passing day and evaluating their marketing approach accordingly. Brands are adapting to the current situation and Dabur entering the medical business is one the biggest example.

Post COVID-19, consumer-centric strategies, and a digital approach to drive conversions will be the new normal in the marketing approach. Small, medium, as well as large sector businesses are all using digital platforms like Instagram,Twitter, and Facebook to enhance their online reputation and drive consumers. Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Instagram lives, and using Slack and Zoom have all become an integral part of businesses in today’s day and this is going to impact brands largely in the future.

Also, digitally-driven purchases are gaining popularity and they seem to become a permanent call for the consumers. Post the current situation, consumers will need assurance from brands through superior performance, innovation, and safety which can be provided through the digital platforms. A lot of brands are creating a pre-buzz period digitally and that’s going to determine their future in the digital
world. Brands that spend a huge amount on Print Advertising or Outdoor Advertising are now moving their heads towards Digital Marketing and Advertising because they have to cater to their audience in order to maintain their brand name.

In the digitally driven world, Instagram lives became an important addition to many businesses. A ton of brands got in touch with influential people that led to the providence of knowledge in every field for the audience. Therefore, post the pandemic, brands have their methods of getting in touch with their audience. Also, the criticism or reviews can be taken in a positive way by the brands that can help them tweak their business in a good way. Currently, digital media has the majority of power as people are hooked on to the digital platforms.

Therefore, post COVID-19 digital will still impact brands as the brands that have their digital game up and have all the factors like trust, consumer loyalty, cost-effectiveness, and consistency will reach the top. In my opinion, digital is going to continue being a part of the marketing approach for all the brands as it’s going to impact the perspective of the audience and for a lot of sectors that’s going to be the only source of revenue post the current situation.

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